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One of the first tasks that I had in my actual job was to integrate a documentation platform for our components/good practices, etc. We’re using Next.js and my first insight was Styleguidist. I had struggles to make it work, but at the end was easier than I thought

So, in this post I’m gonna show you how I made it work.

First of all, I’m not gonna show you how to configure all the Next app, so I made this repository where you can see the final and the initial app. …

In this post I’m gonna show you how to deploy your Gatsby app to Github pages, publishing on Google Domains and have HTTPS.


Buying the domain

First of all we need to buy our domain at

After that you will have a screen like this with all your domains. In my case I have

Puentes de San Jerónimo. By: Pablo Trinidad

The other day I needed to send data to Google Analytics when a new row was added on a table in the database. After approaching different solutions I finally wrote a Node.js (with Koa.js) bot that listens to notifications on the database and send it to GA.

First of all we need to have a database, in this case I’ll be using PSQL

After creating the database we need to create a table with some data

After that we need to send an event when a row is added. PSQL allows you to create event triggers.

We need to create…

Making use of Koa.js to upload JSON data to Google Drive


The goal of this post is to make a Koa.js app that uploads a JSON file to our Google Drive, this is how we’re gonna achieve that:

We’ll send a POST request to /create with any JSON in the body and the app will create a JSON file and it will upload it to Google Drive, after that the file should be removed. Easy right?

These are the steps we’re gonna follow:

  • Create the basic structure
  • Configure the project
  • Create the server
  • Google Auth
  • Create the Koa App
  • Run the app

Create the basic structure

Create a folder with any name you want, this…


So you probably have heard about this thing called components, Angular, React, Vue, Polymer, everyone is doing it.

Components are basically legos, small pieces of software that can be assembled into an app. So a big step when doing web components, is change the state of mind and start thinking in components

So, how do I think in components?

I’ll explain this to you, practically. With a simple exercise using a Netflix section, I’ll also add some pseudo data-code.

Let’s start by this row:

This friend and I used to work at the same company and we went out because the same problem: the lack of caring about people.

We both started at low positions and we began to climb, but as we did we saw the same problems, they didn’t care about us and no one on our teams. People often told us the same exact things, I don’t like this, I don’t like that, I think we should change this, but when we tried to do it we always saw a wall and no one to go.

Now we’re both gone, I…

A lot of young people out there are getting their first jobs as developers, I’m a 21 y.o. Frontend Developer, and I want to share some experiences that I had for the past year working in a serious business.

You’re not at school any more

There’re deadlines. You’re part of a team, if you fail the team fails, now you have responsibilities, real ones. But, don’t be afraid your team is gonna help you.

Be true to yourself

Always stay true to your convictions, always listen to your inside voice, don’t let anyone change that. Set your flag. …


Hi, I want to share with you the way that I’ve been working on Vue.js. Some of the practices that have worked for me, this can actually fit on a lot of frameworks (some parts), like React.js, Polymer or Angular.

1.- Components

1.1.- Make a Component, not a swiss knife
Visual components must follow some rules. A component shouldn’t communicate with the store directly or make calls to the api. If we add that to our component it becomes very non-reusable. And the whole point of components its to reuse them.

Some of the rules that I follow to develop a component…

Eder Negrete

Frontend Engineer

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