Some advices to young developers

A lot of young people out there are getting their first jobs as developers, I’m a 21 y.o. Frontend Developer, and I want to share some experiences that I had for the past year working in a serious business.

You’re not at school any more

There’re deadlines. You’re part of a team, if you fail the team fails, now you have responsibilities, real ones. But, don’t be afraid your team is gonna help you.

Be true to yourself

Always stay true to your convictions, always listen to your inside voice, don’t let anyone change that. Set your flag. I’m not telling you to be a mind closed guy, you should listen, learn a lot.

You’re working on a team

You’re working on a team. As I said before, now you’re not working on your own, you’re part of the team. And you should involve. Go to eat with them, know them, know the product, know what you’re and why you’re doing it.

Talk to people

Don’t be afraid to talk to anyone. It’s amazing how much you learn when talking to other people, not only in the team. Talk to a PM, to a designer, to anyone. You are gonna learn a lot of things, and you can have a bigger perspective of things.

Take advantage

You’re young. You have more energy, read a lot, test things, propose, code a lot, try, fail, try again.


If you have a question, ask. Don’t be afraid, if the person you asked doesn’t have the answer he’ll tell you who does. But don’t keep those questions to yourself

Don’t complain, do something about it

If you know that something is wrong, or you don’t like something. Just do something about it, tell someone your idea. Do everything to change that, if you don’t do it no one will do.

Develop Patience

Remember when you arrived to the team, how they thought you and guided through the project, how people answered all your questions?. Well, that’s patience, you have to develop that. It’s very important if you want to grow, because people will trust you and people will see you as a good player. Just think about in the bad boss cliche and do the opposite thing, answer the questions people ask you, help them, and BE PATIENCE, not everyone is like you, not everyone will learn as fast as you, everyone is different so, be patience.


Communicate, a lot. If you have a problem, say it, if it’s personal or not, just tell someone you trust. They’re gonna help you, I promise.

Don’t throw away your shot

Frontend Engineer

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